Ekko (League of Legends)

Today I decided I didn’t want to do anything at all. I didn’t want to study or just do something in general. I don’t really now why but I just felt that way. Earlier I drew a sketch of a champion from League Of Legends for my friend on a 10 by 10 cm paper. I realised that Ekko was actually fun  to draw and that I wanted to make something better of him. Here you see the result. Which I am quite proud of. It only took me around 6 hours to realise this, even though the face really got me. It took around an hour to really get the facal expression right and I’m quite satisfied about it, since this is one of the better faces I’ve ever drawn. ekko-drawing



I made this drawing because I totally love the anime Fairy Tail.
This character feels a bit like me, she’s kind and caring, but in the end there’s something off with her. I think she has a beautiful way
of showing people that as long as you hold on, your truth is reality. But you sometimes need someone to slow you down.

Zech’s Birthdaygift

Today is my friend’s birthday, we have been sara-for-my-friendstalking quite a lot and I used the Dragonite plussie he owns himself. I have been saving that picture since he sent it to me during the summer. I can’t wait to see his reaction, I bet he’ll totally love it. I put so many work into it and I just like the way it came out. Thanks to my dad for scanning it as well 🙂