Guess it’s settled

So yeah, I’ve had such a busy week, incredible. I did things for 8 days nonstop. No wonder I was so tired I fell asleep every time I got home.. And then yet still not being able to sleep at night lol, feels bad for me. But in the end I survived it. Simply because I like being busy, yeah, being busy is amazing. I can’t really describe it, I just love it. It clears my mind.

So guess what, yup, I’ll be visiting my Brittish friend in England. I’m excited for it haha. I definitely am! We’re gonna watch a great movie, my friend is actually waiting to watch it so we can watch it together, which is cute. <Don’t tell him I said that> I don’t really know what else we’re gonna do. I’m planning on bringing my ds so we can at least do some gaming, maybe playing on the wii U as well. I dunno, guess we’ll see.

Remember I was pissed off about my friend. Well, last week I figured it out. I can deal with it for now. Doesn’t mean I’m still hurt from the inside. But I can see the bright side. Things are easy. They are clear for me, maybe not for others, but they are for me.

It’s not impossible to see you know. I’m just friendzoned, yeah I think I can call it that haha. You know, I’m fine with it. <still dieing from the inside> well, I should say, my mind is fine with it. My reasoning is fine with it. I mean, my friend, he already past the part of my idea that he’s just a regular friend. He’s past the part he’s a close friend, but then again also not. I mean, I dunno how, but that Brittish guy somehow managed to pull pass walls, walls only Pengi was ever able to reach. Because she is amazing.

So basicly, what I’m trying say, what my mind says me. Yes, I’ll come to England. I’ll have fun, I’ll see a person I concider my best friend I have online currently. It is fun. I love talking to him, laughing and anything. I don’t know, I just do. So I definitely know I got a great friend.

For me, my mind and my logical thinking it’s settled. I can only move forward. I can only be the person I am with my friends. So everyone who is a part of that is lucky. And it’s a small circle, just this friend, Pengi, Coon, Yogi a little bit, but that is it for now.

Yet there are other people I care about. But I don’t really trust them as I do with those 4. Especially not the way I trust Pengi and my Brittish friend. Those 2 and also Coon, have seen me on my worst, and on my best. I know Pengi me on my worst, and she just accepted it without questions.

I think my Brittish friend is the same. I mean, he managed to listen to a conversation I had with my mum in Dutch, so totally not understandable, just because I was talking to him earlier on. I guess that’s trust, keeping up with this. That’s when I decided this friend is totally worth it. No matter what comes from it, he has a place in my heart. A friendship I’ll never forget, no matter how it ends.

I think that’s the most valuable thing for me right now. That I’m able to count on those important persons in my life. That they are here when I need them. That they give me advise, yell at me, but mainly make me laugh with funny pictures on Snapchat or just my love-hate bro-sis relation with Coon. It’s how I live, it’s my life, it’s busy, it’s good. And I love it.


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