This weekend was truly an experience on itself. Even though I was slightly busy with rehearsel and giving a concert, I somehow managed to keep talking to my British friend.I mean, the concert was amazing, but just hearing his voice and laughing and spending time, I wouldn’t want to miss that for a single day.

So yesterday evening, or I actually should say this morning, since it was around 1-2 am or so, he actually asked me to be his girlfriend. I never doubted a second there, since yes I do love him. It’s funny how it got to this.Somehow we were just a bit cirkling around each other, but talking quite a lot, and also snapchatting. I just didn’t really have an idea what would come next, so I wanted to let it flow over time, lets see what would happen, hoping for the best outcome.

So apperently he got in a conversation with one of his friends, while we were just chatting as well, and just enjoying each others company. But the topic girlfriends came up, and his friend didn’t believe he had had a girlfriend once, and he didn’t believe he currently had a girlfriend. So my friend told me this:

well i said you after he said he didnt believe i had one

I thought that was so fucking cute, I mean, he just accidently said that, I don’t even mind right now. We never really talked about the boyfriend girlfriend thingy though, and he brought that up, but I just told him that I guess I was his girlfriend now then.

At that point I was just really really really happy, like happy as I’ve never been before. But my friend felt sad cuz he kind of felt wrong the way it all happened, he definitely didn’t want to ask me over chat. To be honest I thought that was rather cute, but I just told him he could do it the proper way if he really wanted to, which resulted in me getting a call, in which we talked for quite a while even after.

I mean, I’m still super happy, I could jump like a hole in the air and I’d still have too many energy, but I’m also quite scared, what do feelings do, is it really just that easy a girl and a guy liking each other like that. Sometimes I really think it is, but then love is everything expect logic, and I’m a mathematics student, so logic is my best resource when it comes to making desicions. But what I do know is that I’m love, just my stomach can tell you. Everything is going to be worth it, I just know it already.

Star ❤


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