Stories for life

Today when I woke up, I had this incredible stomach ache. And it’s not like I don’t know where it comes from, simply because I’m a girl. I’m literairy cheering for my period… The BEST thing ever. It sometimes even makes me able to do anything at all. I’ve had days I just wanted to lie down in bed and cripple in my pain, except for the fact, I won’t..

Maybe staying up till 3 AM isn’t the best idea either then, but it is just too much fun not to. Just talking to one person for over 3-4 hours, sharing stories, memories and whatsoever, I am really enjoying it. Knowing what you experience from laugher to serious talk, I wouldn’t want to miss that in a hunderd years.

Talking to my British friend is just amazing, the topics go about saving money, up to books and even meeting up in a few years. Or we just snapchat and sometimes you hear the other person burst in laughter because of one of the snaps you got sent. I think in around the 3-5 overnight conversations we’ve had until now, I’ve just enjoyed them so much. I can just tell him things that bother me, and he’ll listen and give his view about the topic in general.

I’ve also been writing on a story this week. Maybe this will be the story that I will actually publish, simply because everytime I start working on it, I get this amazing idea of where that chapter needs to go, and I’ve never had such a concrete idea about how I wanted it to go, and who the main character would be. You know, I’ve been wanting to be a writer for ages. But I just had a feeling writing fantasy doesn’t earn you enough money to be able to travel the world. I mean, you will when you are famous and everything, but I’m just one person. I will just need to write that one book then, but I just do it for fun.

The stories I write are special for me as well, simply because I dream of them. If they’re good, they become their own worlds in my mind, living in a dream, telling me bedtime stories, and thinking about them actually makes me able to sleep fast. It’s because they are wonderful, they might not be for others, but definitely for me, and it’s amazing. You can see it from such a thing as escape from reality.



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