You know, today my British friend, he joined a speak channel on my NA’s friend server because I wasn’t allowed to leave Yogi and his friend apperently. So since my online friends usually don’t really get along I really didn’t know what to expect.

It turned out they came along quite well! Well, quite embarrasing for me, but still! They got along well. And all my “secret stuff” got revealed. I mean, not really secret but more like I never mentioned it to Yogi and Coon? Holy crap when My British friend just started talking like he always did, haha like Yogi said, wait not even said he yelled at me for whatnot and everything. Yet still thinking about it makes me laugh so much. I am literary just crying from laughing at the moment.

So in the end Yogi ended up facebooking Coon about what he just got aware of. I knew I was totally doomed at that point, but according to Yogi I was  beyoned doomed when Coon would read his message. I think I was a little bit, since he was quite curious and everything, but in the end it was fine, (or at least it is so far) .

I just hope Yogi and Coon realise I’ve grown up and am not that little girl I once was anymore. I mean, c’mon let me flirt with the persons I want to, I am old enough to make my own decisions. I don’t get why they have to make such a fuzz about it, just because I’ll always be “their baby sis”, at least that’s what Pengi told me.

Yea, Pengi, I’m glad I got to talk to her as well, I explained her what I thought and she really agreed they were just being overprotective, but at the same time I know Pengi is overprotective as well, but in a different way, since she has always been trying to shield me from the bad things, like people raging, she actually told one guy he wasn’t allowed to during the time we played, and that’s so cute! I mean, she’s always had a hard time showing feelings, but she told me once she loved me, so I’m just never letting her go, she’s and she’ll always be Pengi and nothing is going to change that ever.


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