Yesterday I decided to go runnin and actually ran and walked the same round mum is usually walking with my aunt. It’s about an hour walking but I managed to do it in 45 minutes with a combination of running and walking.

So of course, my legs muscles hurt all day today, since I have short muscles because of swimming. But the good thing about it is actually that my shoulder didn’t hurt after running while it did beforehand!!!!! I’d say this is quite an improving and it proves making the movement I did while running is good for my shoulder.

So today, even though I could still feel my muscles in my leg a day long, I just played just dance for 2 hours straight. This is something you can actually call an exercise as well because it is very inattentive with movements from your arms and legs. I guess I did the right thing since I was super exhausted afterwards.

You know, the fact I’m enjoying running makes me wanting to do it more, but at the same time I want to keep swimming. I’m on a quest now from how to maintain happy with my muscles in my legs, both for swimming and running. I guess I’ll figure it out just by doing both things and I’ll eventually find the right balance with my body.


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