Driving lessons

So as every Tuesday I had  driving lesson. But today I had the feeling my teacher made a real great comparison to explain something about always taking your time while driving but I think I can actually apply it to my own life. 

I mean my teacher, he’s amazing. He jokes around quite a lot but he knows when he has to make sure you understand something and can really explain well! I’ve learnt so much already, and not alone about driving but about his personal situation as well. I feel like I just entered his cirkle of everything. He’s not afraid to share, and that’s what he is always telling us. And it is very handy for me. I have a feeling I am allowed to learn and allowed to make mistakes. I think this the best way how to learn to drive, but at least for me. 

Now then, he said the following(translated to English tho) :

When you’re driving and you have to make a decision it is like seeing a dude you like, you gotta put effort in it, when you don’t some other girl will simply take him. Because you were doubting the other girl got the chance to steal your man.

I think I can apply this to my situation, but also at the same time not. Maybe this will eventually happen, maybe know, only time will know. And you know what, I don’t even want to think of that like now, I just want to enjoy life 🙂


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