Brittish friend

Whenever I was on Marriland, or nowso called Azurilland, I met this one person who was from the United Kingdom. We never really got to talk too much, but I had a feeling he was one of the persons who I interacted with quite a lot. But at some point we just lost communicating simply because I had other stuff to do than being online and I guess so had he.

Just a few months ago, I think it was around September, we came across each other again, yet on the same site. It turned out we are both playing the same game, and we decided to add each other on the game. It was a bit embarrasing for me though, because I simply had forgotten he lived in the UK….

From there on we started to hang out online more. I felt like I just found another friend who accepted me who I was, but who also would annoyingly tell me every time I was cute and everything. Of course I got dragged into his friend circle from his IRL friends, sort of.

Don’t understand me wrong, I think they are quite fine, but sometimes I just have the feeling they don’t really understand me at all. It are a group of boys after all. Yet my friend understands me and he gets why I sometimes just have enough of the others. I don’t think he likes it that I don’t join it at some points, but he does respect it. That’s one of the things that make him so awesome.

Then you have the Snapchat. According to the app, we have a 35 day score. For me this is quite an accomplishment since I barely use Snapchat only to keep a streak with my sis, which we lost… On Snapchat it’s not only sharing weird faces and pictures, but we just use photos to communicate and actually talk with each other. We can have really deep conversations or just being joking around as well.

And that’s not even all of it. What I enjoy most is the talking about daily life. I know there are a lot of difference in culture because I’m learning that at uni, but this makes me actually experience it. Just that he doesn’t eat dinner with his family at all, while it’s kinda obligated in my family to eat together and just have a really long dinner because that’s the only time we really talk to each other. But I just love seeing how he lives and what he does, and how he jokes around with his co-worker.

These are the small things that make a friendship worth it. It’s more than what I do, or how I look like, it’s who I am, and what that person gives me is so much happiness, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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