Today was a wonderful day. I never knew it would start at 00.00 with happy snapchats from my friend telling me happy birthday. It was completely amazing. I have no words for it. Just the joking around and everything.

When I woke up I just decided to keep being in bed for over the time I normally do. I didn’t really have the time but I was still able to get everything done in time. My dad walked into my room to wish me happy birthday. But he actually called me Lady Lastname. I was so  pissed. I like tried to friendly hit him because I knew it was a joke. It made me feel so old.

I mean, the childeren at internship call me miss or lady, but that’s because they look up to me. I’m actually something to them. Someone who is able to teach them stuff about mathematics.

My day ended great. Having to remind my best friend it was my birthday by a text while I was just laughing and waiting for a reply. Amazing. Her reaction was the best!

[20:55, 11/30/2016] V: I AM SO SORRY
[20:55, 11/30/2016] V: AND THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER

My friend can be so silly, but she’s the best. Amazing how we can just enjoy and do stuff and then only see each other so less, and talk so less either. It’s an amazing thing!


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