Dangerous places

This idea came from here

You came home to a silent house. Your parents sat alone at the kitchen table, barely nibbling at their food. The television that usually played the evening news at this time was switched off. When you inquired about the off mood, your mother looked away and your father nodded towards the hallway — towards the room you shared with your only sibling.

The note, as well as the tiny pendant that accompanied it, that you discovered on your sibling’s desk in that strangely empty room changed everything that day.

I ran to her room, no, this couldn’t be true, she couldn’t have run away without me, we were supposed to run away together!I grabbed the note, and immidiately recognized our way of communicating.

Dear Inia,
Our parents went to the end of my line, I cannot stay any longer.
This is no goodbye, I simply say farewell.

Remember all the fairy tales our nanny used to tell us?
They are true. I found a magic place deep in the forest, I went
there and found the immposible, the anwser to all my questions.

Please look for them and give them this letter, they’ll know where
to find me. If I’m still alive by then.

I am so sorry I have to leave you behind, but they raped me,
both of them, and mum was just watching. I never imagined Nath
would be able to go this far.

Please don’t be mad on me.

Your beloving sister,


That was it, the end for me. I knew what would happen at the moment Nath would be home. I grabbed the note, and the bracelet. There was no way back for them. Walking to my side of our shared room I grabbed the stuff which was hiding underneath my bed.
My bag,
My hard earned money,
My waterproof warm jacket,
Spare clothes,
My sleeping bag,
My small light airbed and
They keys of my new bike which I hide in the forest a week ago.

I put everything in my bagpack with a rush, then I walked over to my sister’s bed and grabbed all the food we spared and put in my bag. Along with the watercleaner and field book for eatable plants. “Mum, dad! I’ll be going to Elicia. She asked me over tonight for a sleeping party. I told you last week right?”
The practised lie was over my lips and before anyone could doubt it I vanished. Knewing my dad would probarbly follow me as I left, I actually ran to house I told them Elicia lived. She didn’t actually live there, but a friend of me and Lyrica did. She opened the door and I went in and closed the door before she could say anything.

Standing in front of Nicole I bursted in tears. “S.. Sh-.. *sinvels* SHE’S GONE!” I yelled. I’m alone, the world hates me, I can’t continue like this.”
Nicole wrapped her arms around me and tried to calm me down. “Where’s Lyrica?” she asked me.
“THEY RAPED HER! LIKE SHE WAS A PUPPED!” I didn’t see it, but I knew it was true. It was because I was able to see the past, at the moment I took a look at my sister’s bed I knew it. The horror what happened there was burnt in my eyes. There was no way I would ever forget it.

I pushed Nicole away from me and rushed to the bathroom. I got there just in time, reaching the toilet I let my tears go, I nearly drowned in them, but luckily the toilet was able to drain it away just in time. I heard a shocking voice. And I turned just in time to see Nicole faint.

Leaving a note for Nicole, and leaving her on the cough I left her house. I was sure nobody would be able to follow me anymore. Wandering through the forest I found my bike. Hiding behind some sheets and leafs but still new. And it wasn’t just a bike. It had 21 gears and was for rough terrain. I packed everything on my bike ate an apple and started cycling away from the village I had lived in for over 17 years.

This was it, no goodbye, but a farewell, like my sister said. I would only return here to kill Nath, and my parents or not at all. I shivered. Even though it was late Spring it would still be able to freeze at night. I zipped up my jacket and looked at the sky. There was no moon, no stars, like the sky was hiding me. Nobody would be able to find me, ever, again.


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