Dragon Scales (2)

I wake up on a bed made of leaves. Where am I? This is not Granny’s place. I try to stand up so I can sit but my head is too heavy. So I just stay in the position I am and close my eyes. What’s wrong with me? I have never been sick before. How can I be now?! Then I remember… Granny! What happened to her? I just hope she isn’t hurt or whatever.

“Serina?” “Serina are you all right?”
“Wh.. W-h.. Wh.. Who are you?” I find it myself difficult to talk, for some reason. Why can’t I just be normal like Lynn in those kind of situations.. I sigh. I will never learn, will I?

“Ohh, good, at least you can speak.”
“Do you know who I am?”

“Wh.. W-hoo.. Who you are?” Every minut that goes on, I feel something growing under my arm. What is it, and why am I here..
I try to open my eyes again. Slowely they open and then I see it. In
front of me is an dragon! How is this even possible, dragons are

“Aah, yes I’m a dragon. But not any kind of dragon. I’m the last Dragon in the line of human transfers.”

Slowely I seem to be getting a hold on myself. A dragon! Unbelieveble! I always wished to meet one, ever since my granddad told me that story about The Divine Dragon. Would the dragon out of his story still be alive, or was it just an story after all? Finally accepting I’m in a somewhat magical home I try sitting again. With all my willpower I face the dragon.

“I’ll ask again.” “Who are you? And what is this place, what am I doing here?” “How can you be alive? And wha-”

“Don’t get too excited Serina, I’ll anwser your questions one by one. But you’ll have to anwser the first one yourself.”

“But I can’t! I know nothing of this place!” I yell to him.

“But you can, I know you can, just remember.” His voice stays so calm, even though I’m yelling at him. At that point I have deep respect for the lonely one. He must have been so terrible lonely all times. No wonder he stays calm, now that he finally found a living person. I
wonder how long he has been here for. I mean, a dragon doesn’t appear out of nowhere. it’s way to big to hide anywhere!

Then I remember something granddad said long ago. “If you feel like leaving the past behind, forget it, it’s not an option. It never was for me either.” Come on Serina! Think! I say to myself. Then I remember and get dragged into an memory.

And old man sits across of me. When I want to ask him something, I hear a laughing voice.

“Granddad! Granny is being mean to me! I’m not allowed to get another cake!”

“Don’t worry about it my child, we’ll just sneak into the kitchen when she isn’t there.” He smiles to the little kid and continues to read in ‘The Magician’s Newspaper’.

“Granddad?” the little girl asks again. “Why is Granny always so stiff when you two are together? Aren’t you supposed to be just like mum and dad?” The old man smiles and opens his mouth to speak.

“Listen closely Serina.”

I gasps. Realising I’m the little girl, and this is one of my hidden memories. Yes, that will be it. The day after my granddad died, well not the day he died, actually the day the Rulemakers said he died, there came a letter. Nobody saw it arriving luckily. It was pure luck. My window was open, and somehow an paper plane landed on my desk. All it said was ‘Open me’. Of course, that’s exactly what I did. A small letter showed up.



Dear Serina,

This plane, it’s magic. I invented it when I was in Magic School. I was the best. Nobody was able to do the stuff I did. Except for this one girl. After a while, we became more than friends. We made plans for the future and spent as much time as possible together. But just after our little one got born, we got attacked.

It was all because of our jobs. Working for the Rulemakers isn’t anything you know. We did the most dangerous jobs and quit because of the little one. She told me she was going to save me. “It will be the last time I enter my dragon form” she said. “Please protect and take care of her. I love you.” she switched to her mighty dragon friend and together they died while I fled.

The rest of the story you know, the kid sadly died but I found your grandmother and lived happily together.

Still there is something you should know, sometimes you and me had conversations about stuff you shouldn’t know. You’ll remember them because I’m most likely dead if you read this. That’s the magic of the Paper Plane.

I’m sorry I never came to say goodbye.

I had tears in my eyes but I had to focus from myself. It seemed like I paused my memory though. Play? Apparently it worked, and granddad started talking again.

“Granny knows who I am, even more then you think she knows. She’s still mad because I hid my first kid for her. But I just couldn’t tell her, it would have broken me. But ever since she found out she’s acting like this. And not only that, I think she was a member of the group who attacked me.”

Granddad all looked broken and then I got the pieces all together. Granny said something to me before I fainted! Was it a sort of spell? Did she do this to get revenge on him? But that means! …. That dragon! It’s my granddad!


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