Dragon Scales

This idea came from here

Everything has been normal in your life lately, aside from the strange and bothersome itch on the back of your arm. The area has become increasingly rough over the past couple of days, so you take to the mirror to investigate. You are shocked to find that a patch of hard, blue scales has erupted from your skin and is beginning to spread.

What happens now?

I just can’t believe it! Is this really true? I turn the spot back at the mirror again and take a closer look. Yes, this is really like in Granddad’s stories. Would I be the Legendary Dragon then? I sit down and sigh. No, I can’t be… This must be an mistake.. It’s impossible that I’m the Chosen one. And besides, I wasn’t even selected to use magic!

I grab my shirt from the chair in the bathroom and run downstairs. “Mum!” I yell through our house, “Where are you?!” I hear a soft voice in my mind who tells me not to yell that hard. I mutter a bit to it: “it’s not my fault I can’t use magic Lynn, don’t make me remember!” The last part really made me sound angrier than I ever had been before. “Mum!” I yell again.

Then finally there is a response. “I’m in the kitchen darling, please keep your voice down.”

I sprint to the kitchen and see my mum sitting with my older sister Lynn. They are both looking at the little boy who is crawling on the table. “I’m going to Granny’s, see you later mum!” I quickly walk by and hug her before I go outside.

In the end I decided to run to Granny’s. Somehow I’ve always been able to run forever but I never told someone. According to the stories Granddad used to tell me, it might be dangerous. My mood turns sad. Why did he have to leave us so early. He was only just about a human’s age. Not even that old for an Magician. I still don’t get it.

There was a message last week. I remember Granny took the Bird Service to our home. And she never takes the BS. She’d always walk to us for her fresh air and health. Everyone knew her time to pass would soon come. It can’t go on like this. Someone has to figure out what really happened to my Granddad. I know he’s still alive. I don’t trust the Rulemakers. They turned stupidly over 10 years back.

I look up. Seems I already arrived at my Grandmum’s place.

Before I get the chance to ring the door it swings open. “Aah, Serina, darling come in, come in.” I quickly go inside and run to my favourite chair.

“Granny..” I start. But before I am able to go on I get interrupted.

“Serina please it’s been ages since I last saw you. How old are you now, 25, 26?”

“The Magician Medic said I was still 17 Granny.” I look her in the face and she has a puzzled look in her eyes.

“Darling, that’s impossible and you know it. You’re human remember.”

“Well, talking about human….”

I lift my shirt and show her the Blue spot. Except for the fact it’s not a small itcing spot anymore. A whole part of my stomach and back is being covered by the once blue, but are now colourful scales. Granny gasps. Then she grabs my arm and says 3 simple but not understandable words.

“Shjin Lihgto Shjin”

I wake up in a field of grass. Where am I? Am I dreaming? Is that even possible? I try to move my arms to rub my sleep out of my eyes when I start screaming.

“Hey, hey, Serina, calm down. It’s not the end of the world.” An familiar voice happens to be above me. I look up and faint…


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