It’s been a while

Hello, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about how my life will go on. Will I ever find a real purpose in live to strive forward and just do stuff from things I know and things I don’t wanna know at all. I know that I will be striving forward forever and I decided that I don’t mind. That is just what makes who I am. I mean, people see me as a nice person, someone who takes care of others, they just think I’m awesome. I don’t really know why but I am happy that people see me like that.

You know that I only just met Zech a year ago. It seems so long. I dunno but I am very grateful to still have him as friend. I mean he’s great to talk to or just to joke around with. He’s also the one of my foreign friends I talk with almost every day. I don’t know why but I know I really enjoy whatsapping with him and I hope our friendship will continue for a long while.

It’s just great to talk to him. He sees some things from another side then I do and it is amazing what he knows and such. I would call him smart but he would probarbly never agree with that. But that’s not all I think about him. There’s way more but I’ll keep that for myself.

New friends
I also met some new friends. It are not much but I’m satistied about the ones I made. They all have one thing in common and that is a game online called League of Legends. I really like my new friend Coon, he acts like a jerk most of the time but he really is amazing allthough he doesn’t really realise that! I mean he’s a meaniehead first class but still amazing. I dunno why but I have the feeling I can trust him.

Next to him you also have a duo from Germany, lol I know that I play on the North American server because of Pengi but yup German people. Jiggy and Kiri are soo different from each other that they could be each others opposite. Kiri is the nice one and Jiggy is a bit a meanie head but not at worse as it may sound. I would trust Kiri more then Jiggy just because I have the feeling I can trust him.

Pengi ❤
My last and best friend is still Pengi of course. I wouldn’t know how it would be without here. I would say that I really love how she is, just someone who looks after me and is fun to talk to. I would ask her about serious stuff but also just joke around with her. I know I’m special to her and so is she to me. She’s amazing and I don’t ever want to lose her. My plan is to someday visit her and see her in real life. It’s a dream but I am pretty sure that it will come true. Just because I’ll make it come true. That’s all what I need to know and need to hold on to forever.

Good bye for now, see you next time!



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