Sadness go out of my mind

You know. Always when my sis tells my mum what had happened on school it is bad news. It never is good news. She only tells the bad news. I am not the one that is going to be hurt by hearing those stories. I know her friends a little bit and with who she has problems and I know a lot has been happening to her lately but I don’t want to get hurt because of it. Can I not hear it or something. I wish I just could vanish sometimes so that I don’t need to hear that.

Today I fled to my own room because I didn’t want to hear anymore. I am curious how it ended actually but it only would make me more sad if I knew. I was reading while sitting on the caugh in the afternoon but when my sis I think was on the half of her story maybe even further I just wan’t able to listen more. My mum doesn’t even know that I bother with it that much and I actually want her to know how I feel about hearing all those stories.

Most of the times I am the first one that hears them because I am almost always home when my sis returns from school. I have my own issues to you know but I just bother with them and let them float in my mind or don’t to a thing with them. My sis needs to tell everything times and times again before she can let them go. I know it takes a lot of practise to just let everything you don;t wanna know go away from your mind but don’t tell everything to me that will only makes me more sad.

I do want to help her. I want her to be happy and not to be like grrrrr I had a bad day so now I am sad or something. But I just don’t know how to help her and I do wanna help her… 😦



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